Saturday, May 31

The Birds Fly South | Short Quotes or Sayings

Free Agency 101

by Rodrigo Silveira

As the ancient Chinese proverb reminds its students, birds usually do fly south. The utterance of olden times suggest to the mind much more than a repeated pattern followed by our feathered friends. Sometimes it seems to the careful or casual observer that a west- or east-ward flight would render better results than a downward exodus. Such logical predictions is precisely what sets us apart from any other animal form in this planet. Human beings are made in the form and likeness of its supreme creator, according to the holy writ. Thus, say the ancient script, like our creator, we humans have the ability to make decisions based on choice and reasoning, and not mere instinct. We can recognize a given situation, analyse it, research it, test it, and learn from it based on results. By the fruits, the text says, we learn whether something is effective, efficient, and beneficial.

Therefore, as we have seen, there is still a very monumental lesson to be learned from the lower forms of existence whose air we share, and whose long chains of protein we enjoy as occasion may permit. That is their to adapt. Even with such complex decision-making systems available to us, there is still times when a poor decision is made, or a good decision is not, simply because of the individual's desire or willingness to adapt to a forthcoming change. With specific reference to two people agreeing to share a tooth brush, I believe that such lessons as our toothless, Archosaur neighbors have taught us, could save many others from amongst us from anxiety, frustration, and premature hairloss, if applied in any decision making situation where choice is involved, along with a healthy telencephalon.

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Wednesday, May 28

Between the beginning and the end there is always a middle

Rodrigo's First Blog

by Rodrigo Silveira

Today I woke up about an hour earlier than I had previously designed thus to do, and engaged myself in the very act of driving east-ward. Upon my eventual and innevitable arrival at my previously chosen destination, I was brought to the very unfortunate and most distressful realization that the person in whose company I had previously desinged and desired and longed and yearned to be, for whom I had previously designed to come and surprise with a sudden visitation, was not there. She stood me up, ladies. Porca misera!

Notwithstanding my distress and hunger (for I had skipped my breakfast due to a shortage in time soon after my departure from the so-called "sleeping realm"), I then decided to read Ruth's blog, as she had previously designed for me to read. Upon my termination of the examination of her thoughtful writ, I found myself bemused and in a state of bemuse.

After several hours had gone by and the bemusage had worn off, I decided to start blogging like unto her, so that all of the ancient proverbial orations of wisdom that have previously governed my life could be available to the world. So I shall, as ocasion shall permit, post ancient proverbs uttered from lips of unflossed teeth.

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