Saturday, August 23

Lonely Amidst an Ocean of Familiar Faces | Short Inspiring Sayings

Missing Better Half

by Rodrigo Silveira

This week was one of a kind. What would you do if you get inspired to such a high degree that absolutely nothing can stop you? That's what I did, I unstopably worked as productively as I know how, produced all that was expected of me at work, put in some major time into my relationships, balanced my financial life, gave good attention to my physical and spiritual life, and at the end of it all, I found 5 hours to dedicate to helping my brother to fix his deck. Every hour of this past week I had a purpose and things to do and goal to accomplish. The whole week had been designed before it started.

The day the week began, however, I was taken by surprise as a certain event pushed me out of my gravitational order. I had no idea how to act or react, but by instict did I proceed. Turned out my move was wise and effective. Things were put in order and a great weight was lifted off my chest. From that day on I was positioned in such manner as to be able to do my thing and attract the things that I had planned on acquiring this week. Success in absolutely everything I set out to do! The only thing is that something is missing. I feel good, I have abundant results to show, several pages documenting the experiences, valuable lessons learned, insights gained, inspiration to guide me through many other weeks of productivety like this one. However, I have come to realize that my new-found solitude, as healthy as it may have been so far, should not and must not last longer than a few days. Maybe a couple of days is enough to reflect, refocus, make the adjustments necessary, and to enjoy the absence of influences. But soon enough I must get back to what I'm here to do.

Anyhow, I wanted to write today mainly to share an exercise I have been doing from the Jim Rohn Leadership Event (2004). The exercise was taught and assigned by three of four different speakers. This is what it is: You realize that if you can dream something, there's no reasonable reason you should not be able to achieve/become/acquire it. If the WHY is strong enough, the HOW will take care of itself. Remember the 80/20 rule... Anyway, so you take a piece of paper and write down as many things as you can think of that would totally do it for you. What are 10, 50, 100 things you would like to do before you die?! These are not things you wish you could do, but things that you would love to do. Write down the big things, monumental things, daring things, little things, etc. So far my list includes a hundred and twenty three items, but I'm not stopping for another day or so. I have also been keeping a list of things I have already done so I can see how far I have already come. I find it to be a good motivator as you see that you're better than you might give yourself credit for.

Anyways, then once you have a list going, sort it by time. The ones you can do within the year first, then the ones that will take a couple years to accomplish, several years, etc. Just this last Friday I was able to check off a trip I had been wanting to go on for almost an ENTIRE DECADE! I'll be posting pictures of these accomplishments soon, so whoever wishes to try this out can see how it's working out for me. It really works! Gives you more meaning to your life. Also gives you something to do so you can constantly be in a position to produce at all times.

And last of all, I just want to mention how much I love a very significant girl in the sky with diamonds. Being away from her is no fun. Food has lost its taste, time has stopped, music no longer rhymes, the sun no longer illuminates, shines, or radiates... Life is just plain boring without you, Luci... this is what I look like without you by my side =(

Rodrigo Silveira [overcomable-unless-your-soul-already-gone]

Wednesday, August 13

The Richest Blogger in Babylon | Inspirational Books

The Richest Man in Babylon

by Rodrigo Silveira

Finally I have made the time to write some of the insights I gained from reading this nice little book by George Samuel Clason. For a brief explanation about the book and the whole deal behind it (very cool background), checkout the book's wikiness.

Without further ado, here are a few things I'd like to throw out there for you to think about:

Make your job your friend

This is the first point I'd like to talk about. Keep in mind that the ideas here presented are not listed in the order in which they appear in the book, and neither are these all of the profound principles shared by the author. This simple little phrase should be pretty self-explanatory to all who can read those four words. I see people in my office who do nothing but complain, criticize, and condemn their job (little wonder why she can't even land a boyfriend, even though she's nearly 25 years old). Little to no results ever come out of these people, and as the days go by, they appear older, fatter, uglier, meaner, and less desireable to be around. On the other hand, we all know those people who do what they do with all their heart, however little they might be doing. Those people, we see, are always happy and making things around them better. Even if you have to pick up millions of bricks and build a Babylonian wall by hand, do your best, be your best, and have fun while you're at it.

Where there is determination, the way can be found

This principle isn't new to this blog. It's also one that you have heard of a few million times before. But its truth prevails and could potencially be the line you would have to cross in order to step into a better life. Yes, good things do happen to those that wait, but not those who wait in idleness. Waiting for something to happen (with the expectation that it eventually will) means that you keep at it until the Cosmos smile down on you and you find your way. Robert Kiyosaki says that some people say that something can't be done, while others, the real winners, ask themselves, "how can this be done?!" Finding a solution to any situation in your life will only come if you look for it. And without determination, your search will end prematurely and with no results.

Don't ask the brickmaker for advise about jewels
Now, here's some sound advice. In the book, the tale is told that a certain young man learned how much he could earn if only he'd put his money to work for him. In our days we would call that investing. The classic example I've used in my life to illustrate this point is the following question: "If you're sick, do you call a doctor, or do you call the doctor's mom?"

The point being that unless you invest your hard earned money (or some portion of it), you most likely will not achieve high amounts of wealth in your life (provided that you also don't become a very successful athlete, movie star, gangster, politician, win the lottery, or get really lucky in Las Vegas, but don't count on those options). So the way you make wise investments is by asking wise people to help you. But if you ask someone that knows less than you about investing, chances are you will be like the foolish, well-intentioned gentleman spoken of by the Story Teller in the book of Matthew, seventh chapter.

Live on no more than 90% of your income
The example used in the book is this: Every week you're given 10 eggs to sell... you place those 10 eggs in a basket and sell them throughout the week. Then next week you're given 10 more no matter how well you do in selling the previous 10. Now, what would happen if you only sell 9 eggs the first week? Well, you would start the next week with 11 eggs in your basket, you might answer. And answer well you do! So if you keep selling only 9 eggs every week for a few months, eventually your basket will runneth over, like Golliath's assassin concluded several thousand years ago.

So it is with your wallet, bank account, or piggy bank, my friends. If you only spend 9 dollars out of every 10 dollars that you make every two weeks (or however often you may make your money), then eventually your wallet will be flowing over with money that you have earned. I have found that if I remove those 10% out of my checks right as I get my checks, I hardly notice the difference throughout the weeks. I have no problems going about my live with those 10% inside a portfolio, earning me more money. You won't even notice the subtracted amount, so getting by without it shouldn't be a hassle for anybody.

Then there you have it, people. Not too bad, I don't think. Not hard to follow, so go ahead and print out this week's post, read it a few times as you sit and meditate in that room you love so much in your house, and don't email me saying this was way too massively huge. Next week I think I'll post something about a book I'm finishing in the next couple of days, which is The Audacity of Hope, by Mr. Obama. Thanks!

Rodrigo Silveira [::if-you-wanna-be-married-to-a-movie-star-then-take-your-wife-to-acting-school::]

Friday, August 8

Isn't that something ? | Motivational Short Quotes

The Power of Being Motivated

by Rodrigo Silveira

“Isn’t that something?!”
I know, I know… I promised to write about “The Richest Man in Babylon.” However, some things have happened this week that I think will be more meaningful for now. Besides, the facts are still fresh in my mind that if I put it off until next time it probably won’t be as real or something. So here’s what happened: Opportunities mixed with opposition; challenges mixed with stress; bitterness mixed with sweetness; In short, life happened. But only this time there was a very significant one involved in the distress, in the high drama of the events of my days. So seeing the different emotions, the actions and reactions, the different interpretations of each situation, I found it very interesting to see how people are so different and how quick people can change.

Is it possible to win if you can't lose?

What would happen if I walked inside Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a Kanguroo leather, hand stitched, Nike soccer ball with me, stopped a few feet from the goal and kicked the ball between the three pipes, all the way to the back polyester net behind it? Would I be considered a world champion? Of course not. Not unless there are 10 other people with me and 11 others against me. Not unless there's 90,000 people on the stands screaming my name, my mother's name, and one other name, an adjetive, doing everything withing their power to stop me from being successful at what I was about down in that field.

So it is in life. Unless the opportunity to fail is there, the ability to win is not real. Unless there's a challenge, an opposition, a reasonable change that things will go wrong, you cannot triumph. You cannot be victorious unless you could become the loser if you didn't do what you did to crown you the champion. However obvious this may seem to some, to others, I have come to realize more fully this week, this is nonsense. That's the reason we see so much complaining all around us. We need to understand that this is the essence of life. There is no wave without wind.

Isn't that something?!

But what about people's reactions to the challenges of life? What do we do when it very directly affects us? Sometimes one's foolish actions or one's distracted reactions can have a very negative impact on us. How do we change that? I guess the only way to change that would be to change ourselves. Some people do things and others do other things. There's a famous story about two twin brothers whose father was an alcoholic. One brother grew up to be just like his father, while the other was a successful business man. When asked how their life turned out the way they did, this is what they both said: because my dad was a drunk! What was an excuse for poor behavior for one brother was also the biggest motivation for the other brother to never end up like his loser father.

Of course, this is a little different than everyday occurances. A few days ago I was about to present something I considered very special to someone I considered even more special. As this thing I was making was almost done, someone told me it was such a tragedy of an idea. After thinking about it for a few millionths of a second, I realized it indeed was a ridiculous idea. The receiver of this, let's say, gift, would probably find it hideous. I could have ignored this advice I had just received and proceeded with what I had originally thought to be the greatest idea ever. This is what I said to myself, however, "Isn't that something?!"

After a slight adjustment in my thinking (and several extra dollars moving from the credit side to the debit side of my books), my idea was presented and I experienced quite literally one of the most memorable days of my life. Had I stressed out about being in the wrong, that day would not have been any different than so many others that no longer fill my collection of good memories.

A few days later, however, a slight missunderstanding between me and this same person caused different emotions to emerge. I left work out of the blue, very worried about something, broke my own record by getting home from work in under 10 minutes (with slight traffic and some detours, even). Something different than what I had expected, visualized in my mind, and hoped for had happened. I could have stressed out again, yelled and cussed at this other person (just like it happened to me), but again, the words fell from my [juicy and sexy] lips: Isn't that something?! Then I moved on.

So here's the moral of the story: What's the difference between a good pilot and a regular pilot? The good pilot recognizes his mistakes and fixes them promptly.

Don't think I'm suggesting that I'm a pilot at all. Don't mistake what I say and do for who I claim to be. This is truth coming from an imperfect man, but the verity of the matter remains. Don't waste your time and energy with that which mattereth not, and which moth and dust will corrupt. Let things go and don't try to fix everything and everyone if the problem is a minor one. Learn the difference between majors and minors.

As Denis Waitley mentions in his book Seeds of Greatness, one of the seven C's we can control in our lives (there's not a whole lot of things we have control over in this life, actually) is our Concerns. The next one is our Causes, but I don't want to get too much into the C's right now, because I would like to talk about his book after I keep my promise so people don't write me hatemail.

So yeah, I'm running off to California in less than 7 minutes, so I'll just wrap it up right here. Thanks for reading again!

Rodrigo Silveira [isn't-she-lovely]